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A message to Employees of Parasole from Phil Roberts

Danny Meyer, the top restaurateur in NEW YORK has closed all nineteen of his restaurants. So has the iconic Tom Douglas in SEATTLE….all twelve of his restaurants.....closed.

Restaurants across the globe have followed suit. There are no open restaurants in FRANCE. Nothing open in ENGLAND, ITALY or SPAIN. In the Middle East….UNITED EMERITS and SAUDI ARABIA ? All restaurants closed.


As you all know, with all restaurants on the planet, incoming receipts pay yesterday’s bill’s. PARASOLE is no exception. And there is zero money coming in the front door.. All of you in our extended PARASOLE FAMILY who are temporarily away from work are feeling the pain. And Yes….that includes all of our managers, chefs, office personnel, Senior Staff and owners. NOBODY….NOBODY is being paid.

But, by taking painful measures and fully facing into the DIFFICULT REALITY OF TODAY, we hope to return to serving our guests SOONER rather than LATER.

In fact, we received some good news today. The Senate has GONE BIG and passed a $2,000,000,000 (that’s two trillion dollars) emergency relief bill that has help in it for all of us. It will help all of us with the needed cash to get through the days and rough road ahead. And it will provide emergency loans to the company that will allow us to re-open our restaurants.

So for all of us...

WE CAN !!..... AND WE WILL!!!!...... GET THROUGH THIS !!!!!!


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Please be aware that given the current situation with the Corona Virus that Bar & Restaurant Hours are in a fluid state and may change on Short Notice. Be assured that we will update web sites and communicate and changes through our Social Channels of Facebook & Instagram.
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Parasole Restaurant Holdings Enters into Partnership with Minneapolis-Based Private Equity Partnership, FS Funds

March 3rd, 2020

Parasole Restaurant Holdings, owner and operator of Manny’s Steakhouse, Salut Bar Americain, Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse, Chino Latino, The Good Earth, Burger Jones, and Field Day has entered into a purchase agreement with FS Funds, a Minneapolis based private equity partnership. The 42-year-old, privately held restaurant company based in Edina MN, which owns 14 full-service restaurants located throughout the Twin Cities and Rochester, MN, is known for high-quality food and a fun and high-touch guest dining experience.

According to Phil Roberts, co-founder of Parasole, “our alliance with FS Funds offers Parasole the opportunity to continue to grow our brands and for Parasole to remain a Minnesota icon and restaurant industry leader for decades to come.”

About FS Funds
Minneapolis based, FS Funds is a private equity partnership known for buying strong businesses and enduring brands with a plan to hold them permanently. Currently the principals of the fund own four Original Pancake Houses in Edina, Eden Prairie, Burnsville and Roseville.


With the Announced Sale of Parasole There is no change in the Parasole Gift Card Program. Parasole’s name will not change as a result of the sale. Be assured that any friends, family members or colleagues that are holding Parasole Card will continue to be accepted at all Parasole Restaurant Outlets.

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