We create dining destinations

Parasole Restaurant Holdings excels at something very few other restaurant companies have been able to achieve. We create and operate diverse concepts that:

  • Capture attention – and hold it
  • Are profitable out of the gate -- and over time
  • Exemplify operational integrity and best practices
  • Cater to our guests without neglecting the needs of developers, investors, vendors and other industry stakeholders.

The diversity and longevity of Parasole’s restaurant concepts are testimony to our comprehensive, disciplined approach to concept development. Whether expanding the Parasole family of restaurants or serving clients, Parasole draws on proven expertise from initial concepting through execution, to ongoing operation.

Restaurant Concept Development and Delivery

Concept Development  We don’t shoehorn existing concepts into inappropriate spaces. Working closely with our clients, internal team members, and proprietary creative assets, we research and develop concepts with immediate appeal and lasting power. Components include:

  • Research & develop new restaurant concepts
  • Menu research & development
  • Access to the Roberts Restaurant Archive®, a relational database with over 25,000 images to assist in concept creation, menu planning and facility design.
  • Recipe development/plating/costing
  • F&B daypart strategy development
  • Brand planning & development
  • Financials & ROI
  • Pitch book creation

Concept delivery  From overseeing construction to engineering the pre-opening, Parasole delivers fully integrated and operational restaurants.

  • Construction management
  • Kitchen design, layout & specs
  • Dining zone design, layout & specs
  • Equipment selection & installation
  • Management information systems
  • Final menu, costing, etc.
  • Pre-opening planning & execution

Concept assessment and revitalization  Does a concept have what it takes to survive? We excel at determining an idea’s potential or an existing concept’s future. And then we act:

  • Concept execution
  • Menu development, engineering & delivery
  • Concept redesign & delivery
  • Replace dated concepts
  • ROI Analysis
  • Site & facilities assessment
  • Market & retail trend analysis
  • Assess personnel, real estate etc. 

Restaurant Operations and Support Systems

General Management  Parasole makes restaurants run profitably by cultivating and finding the talent needed to maintain and grow a business.

  • Management selection, training & ongoing development
  • Development of training programs
  • Development of labor models, scheduling matrices, and performance criteria
  • Development of pre-opening manuals, procedures, budgets & other systems of concept replication
  • P&L troubleshooting & training
  • Food & liquor cost systems (inventory management & control)
  • Purchasing programs / vendor selection & relations
  • Menu engineering & complete F&B support
  • Construction management
  • HR related issues & education
  • Expert witness legal resources

Financial Support Systems  Success hinges on successfully tracking, projecting and improving the numbers, and in obtaining and securing funding for expansion.

  • Develop specific unit level economics
  • Complete ROI analysis model
  • Preliminary budget including project costs, including FF&E projections, pre-opening expenses, etc.
  • Development of operations key statistics model and daily/weekly reporting systems
  • “Management as Owners” education
  • Funding assistance

IT Support Systems  No restaurant can achieve its potential without taking full advantage of specialized IT support systems. That’s why Parasole provides:

  • FOH & BOH systems integration
  • Analyze & develop network support services including network security, remote access
  • Provide POS, BOH & payroll administration training 
  • Website development and ongoing maintenance 

Marketing Support Systems  From initial brand planning to national ad campaigns, we leverage finite resources to drive traffic and build brands.

  • Brand planning & execution
  • Strategy development
  • Develop tactical roadmap
  • Execution of marketing plan
  • Measurement of results

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