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Idein creates
successful restaurants.

And Idein makes existing
restaurants successful.

Idein is a full-service restaurant consultancy. An independent entity affiliated with Parasole Restaurant Holdings, we are a team of operators, designers, chefs and industry experts who transform ideas into reality, problems into opportunities, and stagnancy into success.

Our clients range from owners and operators to investors and developers. Their focus extends from the center of the plate to the very frontiers of the hospitality industry. Yet all of them come to Idein for three basic reasons – because we have the ability to provide solutions, the resources to implement them, and the track record to prove it.

Idein provides services in three broad categories.

Restaurant concept development and delivery

  • Concept development – By understanding each client’s capabilities and each market’s individual characteristics, Idein creates restaurant concepts with immediate appeal and lasting power.
  • Concept delivery – From overseeing design, site selection, licensing, construction, engineering and pre-opening, Idein delivers fully integrated and operational restaurants

Concept assessment & revitalization

  • Is there a “there” there? – Idein will help you determine an idea’s potential or an existing concept’s future. Then we’ll do something about it.
  • Concept revitalization – Beginning with the concept positioning, name and menu, Idein breathes new life into tired concepts.

Restaurant operations support systems

  • General Management – Idein makes restaurants run profitably by supplying and developing the talent you need to maintain and grow your business. We can provide these services for both the short and long term, as needed.
  • Financial support systemsClients of all sizes and levels of sophistication turn to Idein for assistance in tracking, projecting and improving their numbers, and in obtaining and securing funding for expansion.
  • IT support systems No restaurant can achieve its potential without taking full advantage of specialized IT support systems. What do you need? How to implement it? Idein has the answers.
  • Marketing support systems – From initial brand planning to national ad campaigns, Idein helps clients leverage finite resources to drive traffic and build their brand.

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Success in the restaurant industry requires a combination of experience and instinct. Drawing on our expertise and talent, we can tell you what you need, or give it to you. We can point you in the right direction, or take you there. We can advise your operation, or run it.

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